Monday, January 25, 2010

Bloom and Diaspro?

Natia asks:

Hello, Brandon I just have one question why Bloom had a fight with Diaspro?
From: Natia

And my answer is:

Dear Natia, the reason she had a fight with Diaspro is because she thought that Diaspro was Icy in disguise trying to ruin the Day of the Royals. I hope that answered your question! Thank you for visiting, and thank you for asking!

Thanks everyone, and please feel free to ask more questions! Bye!


  1. hello brandon, this is saskia i wanted to know what will happen to you and stella in season 5, i am looking forward really bad to wath it

  2. First of all, I'm not really THE Brandon of Winx Club. That's just a cover-up name. And so far, nothing relating to Stella and Brandon's relationship in Season 5 has been released (as far as I know). Thanks for asking the question though, sorry I couldn't help you!

  3. hey! I'm Angelica from the philippines! im just asking if season 4 or 5 will show up in the philippines?

  4. Hi Angelica! Um, I can't be 100% sure about it showing in the Philippines, because I don't live there and don't know much about their dubber. I'll look into that for you, though!

  5. when will you show up winx club season 4 or 5 in the philippines? winx club fans here are waiting for it.

  6. will you upload it in the youtube?

  7. I don't have the footage, sorry. If I did, I would certainly put it up. But, for now, I would suggest going to YouTube and searching for Banjogate. He has the English episodes, and you could watch those.

  8. well thank you! please try your best. were very excited about it!

    my friends even imagine what will happen next. their like crazy about it!

  9. oh yes! im searching it now, it seems that banjogate only uploaded rai english season 4 upto episode 17.

    well, it's alright though. atleast i watch a part of it


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